Photo by Jonas Verstuyft on Unsplash

You may not believe your audience is on social media. We have heard this almost weekly for the 3-plus years we’ve been sharing millions of social posts monthly on behalf of our customers. Institutional investors aren’t on social. Health IT isn’t on social. Biotech isn’t on social. Private Equity and VC investors aren’t on social. Those are the categories we serve and our customers each started with that observation.


But every political report, sports broadcast, business update or global alert has the reporter mention what was said about that topic on Twitter.

In a recent article on biotech investing and Twitter, the notorious Mark Cuban has even connected with a company, requested their pitch deck and invested in them. All on Twitter. And this is not an isolated case. We have to ask just where your audience might be? Doesn’t it follow that with all of the mass media references to what’s being said on social networks that the more curious in any audience will look for themselves? Those are the exact customers you want to reach: the curious.

Add to that the fact that people consume 9-12 pieces of information online in ‘stealth’ mode before contacting a company or making a purchase. What are they finding of you or your company if it is little (or nothing) shared?

Where is your audience? This is kind of an absurd question. You know they are on social networks because everyone is on one network or another. They just aren’t connecting with you or your business on social. That’s a different problem than assuming they aren’t there. The better question might be to determine where they are most likely to be. The harder question is why they aren’t making a meaningful connection to you or your business.

Mark Cuban’s activity with biotech on Twitter.