There are no bad questions and no failed experiments–in this case relating to some Facebook funkiness. The marketing world changes daily and no one is 100% up to speed. This series answers the questions that we field on a daily basis from people using our software to efficiently manage their social media. Sometimes things just don’t make sense until you ask. Part of our job is to explain this stuff and to help them make the question and answer clear.

Why Don’t Facebook Post Clicks Go Anywhere?

In this case there was a FB post that didn’t go anywhere when clicked. The knee-jerk IT response would be: That’s because there wasn’t a link in the post, stupid. But to the client, there was a link. It just kept sending them back to their FB page FROM their FB page. Maddening, right?

The answer: on FB the account name appears to be a header and is in bold ( in this case Medical School of the Americas). It default clicks to the FB page. Nothing else is clickable. That is because there is no other link in the text. In this case, then that is the only click outcome.

Properly Formatted FB Post with links.

I believe this was posted directly on FB (not thru the Content Carnivores platform, which would have added a default link to the school or a custom link to a specific page). Direct posting to FB could, of course, have a link added, but this didn’t happen.
The other posts on the MUA did have links that click from the text ( as well as the subhead below the image which is also hyperlinked to the school page. The question about this post was due to it being pinned to the top of the page–and so more obvious.
Also, just to round out our review of the different components of a post: Images, when clicked, just open a larger image window. It is not possible to hyperlink images–a Facebook thing.