Connecting the Pocket button provides the best way to save pages and articles to the Carnivores Platform in just one click.


Step 1: Download the Pocket Button

Download and Install the Pocket Button. The pocket button is a browser extention that allows you to save articles to the Carnivores Platform in one click.

Download PocketMacOS (Safari) Download PocketWINDOWS (Chrome)


Step 2: Sign Up / Log In to Pocket

To get stated you need to have a pocket account and be signed in. Follow the instructions and Sign up / Log in with your email address here:

Step 3: Connect Pocket to the Carnivores Platform

Provide the Carnivores Onboarding team with you login credentials so that your personal Pocket can be connected to your Carnivores accounts.

Step 4: Save Your Articles

It’s easy to save to Pocket from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Just hit the pocket button and Tag the article with your personal tag. 





What happens after I save?

Curious what happens when you save a link/article using your tag in the new Pocket extension? Simple – it’s added to your Raw Queue on the Carnivores Platformed! Proceed to the Carnivores Platform to fix and share to your network.