Technology and Service Offering

Our comprehensive programs go far beyond content creation. We have developed proprietary technology that allows publishing and re-purposing efficiencies. Our distribution system amplifies content sharing. Our Audience Development tools analyze conversations between your company and the people consuming your content. Most important, our people, technology, and processes work with your team to deliver program success.

Multi-Channel Content

Original Content Expertise.  Carnivores are proven writers and category experts.  We were founded by a writer with many credits, including an Emmy-winning series. So we’re really picky about the writing. Customers with existing white papers or reports benefit from our experts ‘carving’ those meatier pieces up into dozens of social posts. These are distributed thru multiple channels. Clever visuals and headlines are added and tested to boost interaction and sharing. TV and Podcasts are created. All Customers benefit from data-driven original content inspired by strategic analysis and social velocity.

Audience Development

Targeted, Relevant Conversations are the lifeblood of a content marketing program. Our technology breaks down who is interacting with your content. It ranks and sorts them according to their match for your ‘best customers’. Then our experts use this data to create personas and pattern recognition to find more ‘best customers’.

Staff, Time and Tech Savings

Content Marketing Is Labor-Intensive and requires the consistency of a dedicated staff–or does it? Other marketing automation products focus on email, or Twitter, or analytics. The Carnivores program is the only end-to-end solution. Create, Distribute and Analyze in one workflow and takes minutes–not hours.  Our proprietary technology integrates over 15 content marketing best practices and functions in one efficient workflow. This frees people up to use their brains instead of just pushing buttons.

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