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Let Content Carnivores take charge of making you a thought leader in your industry. If not, hire an intern, a Forbes writer, an associate with a finance or econ degree–and license 15 separate products to manage social networks, produce and publish content, grow a targeted audience and analyze all program KPIs in one dashboard.

We work with hedge funds, private equity, VC, angel networks, FinTech, peer-to-peer lending and investment marketplaces, and the world’s best real estate professionals. If it’s about money we help you win.

  • Unprecedented audience growth that doubles in months–not years

  • Immediate traction and relationships from day one–no more ‘posting and praying’

  • Category Expertise from trained Carnivores who are well-versed in Financial concepts

  • Clear program metrics for instant success readings

  • Original content from our writers, many published in Forbes, Huffington Post, etc.

  • Clear Content Strategy outlining the workflow of fresh ideas and a workflow that decreases blogging time by hours

How It Works (Or should we say, how it works with our staff on your behalf…)

Content Carnivores is useful to Thought Leaders– and those who want to be Thought Leaders–who don’t have hours to determine what to share on their social networks. The Carnivores app is deceptively simple. It displays stories. Users approve them. They show up with a nice image, article abstract and personal comments from the user on the Facebook page. In reality, the Carnivores app integrates 15+ functions in order to provide this simplicity. Content that is displayed to the user is algorithmically filtered from known and unknown sources, ranked for velocity and influencer, and sorted by the unique interests of the user. This includes ideas that are core, emerging and frontier to keep things always fresh.

Next, the integration of customizing these 3rd party stories is managed in a simple interface within the app. No need to go to another site to add an image, change a headline, add a #hashtag etc.

Publishing and scheduling used to require going to yet another platform. Carnivores allows this to happen in the app and in the workflow of identifying, editing, and publishing.

Finally, the integration of Carnivores with social networks allows users to see which of their shared posts scored well. Interactions are weighted for Likes, Comments, Shares, etc. and displayed in the app. Once again, there is no need to go to a separate page to see which posts performed best. This score is especially useful as a guide for Boosting Posts. It is valuable information based on at least 3 filters: algorithm, User, User’s Facebook Followers, etc. In this way the users content shared on social networks is of the highest quality and is simple to maintain. 

Every Company Needs Thought Leadership. We do it exceptionally well for some of the smartest financial people in the world.

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