Businesses usually fail in their efforts to Create high-quality content, Distribute it to a large high-quality network, and Measure the crap out of it.

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Content Experts

We work with top caliber writers and analysts to create awesome content that’s smart and has a distinct voice. Our approach takes a longer thought-leadership piece and leverages the ideas on any medium, i.e. Social Media, Podcast, TV and other channels. Our technology makes this a snap.

Qualified Distribution

We have grown a significant proprietary network on different mediums. The integrity of this network is critical. It gets smarter thru our tech platform to find the people that our customers want to reach. We combine our network with client networks and paid distribution to generate amazing velocity and results.

Big Data Analytics

Our proprietary technology sorts out and measures the most relevant data points from the distribution and presents it into one easy-to-read report. We provide insightful content analytics as well as audience breakdowns to prove the value of our efforts. Then we use that data to make your program smarter.

Why Companies Hire Us

Human Skills

Our team wrote and created 300 unique social network posts in 6 weeks and distributed those posts, generating 60 Million impressions. This effort resulted in #1 site referrer and a 60% increase in investor interactions.

Machine Efficiencies

We configured our platform to distribute expert financial analyst content on multiple networks, sites, portals and video channels. This is generating 100M impressions monthly, and 100’s of interactions per report.

Data Intelligence

Venture Capital Firms and Hedge Funds use the data from content interactions and our big data lookup service. We sift through the social noise to provide them with potential investors, influencers and ambassadors.

“Breakthrough Digital Farming Tools”

Our sister company Property Carnivores was chosen to be part of the prestigious real estate technology accelerator, Elmspring, LLC. This program provided investment capital, mentorship and inroads to the top brokerages and real estate innovators in the country. Favorite features include the combination of 31 of 35 real estate marketing best practices and the gamification ie, fun factor. Read about Elmspring.

Elmspring Tech Accelerator

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