Content Carnivores is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of ideas and writing so that greatness finds its widest audience to deliver on business objectives. We operate from a technology platform that dramatically speeds up the discovery, creation and publication of high quality content to help brands and businesses establish thought leadership.

The product is used by trained Content Carnivores who are also subject matter experts in a customer’s category. This is a turnkey engagement with almost zero customer IT and as much or as little involvement per engagement as a customer wants. The company was founded and built on the universal need for all businesses to provide useful, engaging, shareable content in order to establish themselves and benefit from organic search and social channels. Beyond thought leadership and search, benefits include reputation management, ongoing competitive analysis, business model testing, and customer engagement.

Founders built the technology and ran content marketing programs for Monster, Coca-Cola and other content marketing pioneers. Current customers include thought leaders in marketing services, medical devices, financial services and technology products.

Content Carnivores Motto

Strategize. Be brilliant. Connect dots few people even see between media, content streams, video, social. And track it.

Energize. Be bold. Never be boring. Words power the internet. People search for them. Companies buy them. High Quality Words cannot be underestimated.

Monetize. Be compensated. Quality is always rewarded when it’s linked to the right strategy and the right energy. Content programs must pay for themselves in more than just marketing. They need to carry their weight in leads, sales and loyalists.

Eat. A hungry mind needs to be fed. We live in an amazing time of information, education, entertainment and opinions. If we can help you consume this content in an enjoyable feast, then you too are a Content Carnivore.

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