o-1Content Carnivores is moving into the deep freeze–as in 240 degrees below zero. We are excited to announce that we are working with Advanced Cryotherapy Fitness. This taps into our growing expertise in health and wellness technology–and our love for all things innovative. Healthy Carnivores unite!

Cryotherapy is the use of extremely cold temperatures to help with pain management, rejuvenation, and weight loss. Cryo comes from the Greek word, Cold. Therapy comes from the Greek word, Cure. They say cryotherapy works better than an ice bath! If you’ve taken any form of First Aid class, you’d know the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) method for someone injured. This idea of cold therapy is very common among athletes. Cold water immersion, contrast therapy, recovery swimming, and cryotherapy are all forms of cold therapy. Advanced Cryotherapy Fitness works with pro athletes and their recovery practices.

You might ask, what’s the difference between heat therapy and cold therapy? Heat therapy will bring blood to the area of pain and begin healing. This is ideal for muscles, any chronic pain, or stress. Cold therapy will decrease the flow of blood, therefore decreasing inflammation and swelling. This works best for injuries.

So how does cryotherapy work? Well, you can’t wear much clothing. They’ll give you a robe, socks, some clunky clog-looking shoes, and gloves. Runway ready? Well, we’ll hold off on the ‘cool’ jokes for now…

For the treatment, you step into a techie looking stainless cylinder, the cryotherapy chamber. It practically covers your whole body. Only your head and neck will be exposed. The chamber looks a bit like a spaceship. The real magic begins now. Liquid nitrogen pours into the chamber for about 2 to 3 minutes. The temperature of the liquid nitrogen can be as low as -240 degrees Fahrenheit. You stand there and let the healing begin. And that’s it!

I don’t know about you but I’m not a big fan of winter. And when it is winter I wear lots and lots of layers. So Cryotherapy sounds pretty painful to me. I’d be shivering in those clogs for sure. The people at Advanced Cryotherapy Fitness will do anything to make the cryotherapy session even a little bit more bearable. 3 minutes can’t hurt that bad, right? But imagine yourself in temperatures that chilly and for that amount of time. 3 minutes is as long as a song… An MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight round lasts on average 3 minutes… A frozen burrito takes 3 minutes to heat up… Think about anything to keep your mind off the cold! But also think about it, no pain no gain! Want to give it a try?